1992 Schuler SET-630-2.80-250

Straight-Sided Power Press

Nominal tonnage at distance from BDC: .275",694 tons & .060",771 tons
Stroking speed, adjustable: 10-40/min
Slide stroke: 9.84"
Slide adjustment: 5.9"
Slide face: l/r,110.3" & f/b,59.05"

Shut height between bed bolster and slide, max. stroke of slide down
slide adjustment up: 31.5"

Bed area: l/r, 110.2" & f/b, 62.99"
Opening in uprights: l/r, 59.05"
height approx.: 31.5"
Effective tool space max.: 111.02"
Distance between floor and upper edge of bed bolster plate approx.: 35.43"
Overall height above floor approx.: 228.34"
Overall L-R (including sound enclosure): 25"
Overall F-B (including sound enclosure): 11' 4"
Foundation depth without mounting elements: 35.43"


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