2001 Gehring BRH1

CNC Superfinishing Machine

The Gehring-Micromatic bearing refinishing machine is designed to repair hone various sizes of roller bearings, capable of hand load and unload. A spindle head consisting of a servo driven slide positions the abrasive at the proper location, and a cam operated stroke system provides the short stroking required at three different locations in each track. The servo driven vertical slide is also capacble of stroking the tool the full length of the track.

An adjustable double wheel assembly and a pneumatically operated clamp assembly secure and rotate the bearing during the refinishing process. An indexing assembly positions the clamp assembly for various bearing diameters. The servo driven position of the stroke carriage and the drive wheels may also be adjusted to fit various bearing diameters.

Equipped with-

Allen Bradley PanelView 1000 Control
All Electricals
Full Enclosure

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