2008 Okuma CAPTAIN L370M

CNC Turning Center

Maximum turning length (Z-axis): 19.7"
Turning diameter over bed (max): 20.8"
Turning diameter over cross slide (max): 16.5"
Maximum travel length in the X-axis: 10.2
Maximum feed rate in X-axis: 787 in/min
Maximum feed rate in Z-axis: 984 in/min
Maximum power of the main spindle: 30 hp
Diameter of the spindle bore: 3.2"
Minimum rotary speed of the main spindle: 39 rpm
Maximum rotary speed of the main spindle: 3,900 rpm
Total number of tools in the turret: 12 pcs
Tailstock quill diameter: 3.5
Maximum travel length of the tailstock quill: 4.7"
Length of the lathe: 87"
Width of the lathe: 68"
Weight of the lathe: 4.8 short ton


OSP-P200L CNC Control
Chip Conveyor
MTA VS-65E Bar Feeder
Tool Presetter



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