Die Sinker Type EDM List

----------AGIE CARMILLES----------

1996 Charmilles ROBOFORM 20 (Die Sinker Type EDM)

1997 Charmilles ROBOFORM 30 (Die Sinker Type EDM)

1996 Agie ELOX MONDO 30 (Die Sinker Type EDM)

1997 Agie ELOX MONDO 30 (Die Sinker Type EDM)

2000 Agie MONDO STAR 50 (With 32 ATC)

2006 Agie AGIEDRILL (Die Sinker - Drill)

2008 GF AgieCharmilles AT SPIRIT 3 (With C Axis & Tool Changer)


1996 Aratron EDM 600 (Die Sinker Type)


2001 Belmont Z26074 (CNC Die Sinker - Drill)

----------EDM TECHNOLOGY----------

1995 EDM Technology OMEGA 405-D (Manual Die Sinker)


2009 Exeron EDM 312 (CNC, C-Axis, Tool Changer)


1978 Hansvedt SM-150B (Die Sinker Type, Manual)

----------LABLOND MAKINO----------

1986 Lablond Makino EDNC-32 (Die Sinker Type, 8 Position Tool Changer)

1998 Makino EDNC-43 (Die Sinker Type, 16 Position Tool Changer)


Maximart V-45


1998 Mitsubishi EX8 (CNC Die Sinker Type)

1998 Mitsubishi EX22 (CNC Die Sinker Type)

1999 Mitsubishi VX10 (With System 3R Robot)

2003 Mitsubishi VA10 (With C-Axis & Tool Changer)

----------PACIFIC CONTROLS----------

1999 Pacific Controls PC100EX (Die Sinker Type, CNC)


Raycon PINNACLE (Die Sinker Type, Manual)


2008 Sodick AG55L


2007 Supertec ZNC410 (NC Type Die Sinker EDM)


1986 Tarus EDM DC-150


Xermac X-54ST (Die Sinker Type, CNC)

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