Manual Saws List


1997 Amada HFA-400W (16" Horizontal Band Saw)


Armstrong-Blum Marvel No. 18 (18" x 18" Hack Saw)

(Armstrong-Blum) Phoenix PA13 (13" Fully Automatic)


1998 Behringer HBP800-1004GA (Large Mitre Saw)

1999 Behringer HBP-430A (17" x 17" Dual Post Saw)

2002 Behringer HBP-430A (17" x 17" Dual Post Saw)

2021 Behringer LPS-T 3D (Vertical W/ NC Control)


1992 Bewo 315-AUTO-FEED (Automatic Cold Saw)


2007 Bomar EXTEND 1000-820GH (32" Dual Post Saw)


2011 Cosen C-320nc (Dual Post Saw)


1998 Daito GA260W (10.25" Horizontal Band Saw)


1963 DoALL C-70 (Fully Automatic Horizontal Band Saw)

1965 DoALL C-70 (Fully Automatic Horizontal Band Saw)

1989 DoALL C-916M (9" x 16" Horizontal Band Saw)

1998 DoALL C-3300NC (13" NC Controlled)

2015 DoAll TM-18-22 (Vertical Band Saw)


1996 Hem H105M

-----HYD MECH-----

1992 Hyd-Mech S-20 (13" Round Capacity)

2002 Hyd-Mech H26/42 (32" Round Capacity)

2010 Hyd-Mech S-20A (13" Round Capacity)

2010 Hyd-Mech H-10A (10" Round Capacity)

2002 Hyd-Mech H-14 (14" Round Capacity)

2011 Hyd-Mech H-22A (22" Round Capacity)

Hyd-Mech V-18 (Vertical Mitering)


1964 Kalamazoo H12B (13" Horizontal Band Saw)

2008 Kalamazoo C370 ANC (Automatic NC Cold Saw)


Kasto 24" Saw (Dual Post Hyd Band Saw)


1984 Marvel 81 (Tilting Head Vertical Band Saw)

-----MEYER BURGER-----

2007 Meyer Burger BS 805 (For Hard & Brittle Materials)


2002 Scortegagna RUSCH 290A (Auto Horizontal Saw)


1997 Scotchman CPO 315LT/HFA (Automatic Cold Saw)

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