List of Matsuura VMC Machines


1999 Matsuura MAM72-3VS (5-Axis)

2005 Matsuura MAM72-63V PC2 (5-Axis)

2009 Matsuura MAXIA MAM72-63V PC2 (5-Axis)

2011 Matsuura MAM72-63V (5-Axis)


1981 Matsuura MC-500V MINI-MASTER

1982 Matsuura MC-500V MINI-MASTER

1984 Matsuura MC-500V2


1994 Matsuura MC-510VF


1990 Matsuura MC-600V

1993 Matsuura MC-600VF (With Full 4 Axis Rotary Table)

1995 Matsuura MC-600VF (Wired For 4th & 5th Axis)


2000 Matsuura MC-660VG (With 15,000 RPM Spindle)


1984 Matsuura MC-760V

1984 Matsuura MC-760V-DC (Dual Spindle)

1985 Matsuura MC-760V

1987 Matsuura MC-760VX

1988 Matsuura MC-760V


1987 Matsuura MC-800V-DC-PC-2S (Twin Spindle, Pallets)

1986 Matsuura MC-800V

1996 Matsuura MC-800VF


1983 Matsuura MC-1000V-DC (Twin Spindle VMC)

1984 Matsuura MC-1000V-DC (Twin Spindle VMC)

1987 Matsuura MC-1000V-DC (Twin Spindle, 2 12" Rotary Tables)

1997 Matsuura MC-1000VF


1985 Matsuura MC-2000V (With 60 Extra Tool Holders)


Matsuura RA-I (With Pallet Changers, 2 Available)

1991 Matsuura RA-I (With Pallet Changer)

1995 Matsuura RA-1F (With Pallet Changer)

1996 Matsuura RA-1F (With Pallet Changer)


1991 Matsuura RA-II (With Pallet Changer)

2000 Matsuura RA-2G (With Pallet Changer)


1993 Matsuura RA-IIIF (With Pallet Changer)

1998 Matsuura RA-IIIF (With Pallet Changer)

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