List of Mazak Turning Centers


1996 Mazak INTEGREX 35

1993 Mazak INTEGREX 40 ATC M/C


2015 Mazak INTEGREX I-100 BARTAC-S (Multitask Mill Turn)

2008 Mazak INTEGREX I-150 (Multitask Mill Turn)

2011 Mazak INTEGREX J-200 (Only 500 Working Hours)


1980 Mazak M4 1500 (Flat Bed, Dual Turret)


1987 Mazak MULTIPLEX 620 (Dual Spindle, Live Tooling)

1999 Mazak MULTIPLEX 6200R (2 Spindle, Live Tools, Robot Loader)

2008 Mazak MULTIPLEX 6200 (Dual Spindle, Live Tooling)


1998 Mazak POWERMASTER PMNX3000U (CNC Engine Lathe)

----------QUICK SLANT----------

1988 Mazak QUICK SLANT 20N-4AXIS (Twin Turrets, Fanuc 11TT)

----------QUICK TURN 6----------

1997 Mazak QUICK TURN 6G (Gang Type W/ Autoloader)

----------QUICK TURN 8----------

1990 Mazak Quick Turn 8N (Parts Catcher & Tool Probe)

1991 Mazak QUICK TURN 8N (Parts Catcher & Chip Conveyor)

1998 Mazak QUICK TURN 8N

----------QUICK TURN 10----------

1998 Mazak QUICK TURN 10

----------QUICK TURN 15----------

1990 Mazak QUICK TURN 15N

1991 Mazak QUICK TURN 15N (With 12ft SMW Bar Feeder)

1993 Mazak QT-15N

----------QUICK TURN 18----------

1990 Mazak QUICK TURN 18 (With Bar Loader)

----------QUICK TURN 20----------

1996 Mazak QUICK TURN 20

1996 Mazak QUICK TURN 20 H-P

1998 Mazak QUICK TURN 20 H-P

1998 Mazak QUICK TURN 20 (Chucker W/ Gantry Loader)

----------QUICK TURN 28----------

1994 Mazak QUICK TURN 28N (With Bar Feeder)

1998 Mazak QUICK TURN 28N

----------QUICK TURN 200----------

2019 Mazak QT-200MSY

----------QUICK TURN 250----------

1999 Mazak QUICK TURN 250 HP

2003 Mazak QUICK TURN 250 (With Robot Gantry Loader)

----------QUICK TURN NEXUS----------

2004 Mazak QUICK TURN NEXUS 250


----------SLANT TURN 30----------

1987 Mazak SLANT TURN 30 SUPER (With Live Tooling)

----------SLANT TURN 40----------

1988 Mazak SLANT TURN 40N ATC M/C (With Live Tooling)

1989 Mazak SLANT TURN 40N ATC M/C (With Live Tooling)

1989 Mazak SLANT TURN 40N-ATC M/C (With Live Tooling)

----------SUPER QUICK TURN----------

1997 Mazak SQT 18MS

2000 Mazak SQT 250MSY (Live Tooling, Y Axis, Subspindle)

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