Radial Drills List

Carlton 84x19 (84" Radial Drill)

Carlton 144X26 (144" Radial Drill)

Cincinnati Bickford SUPER SERVICE 8 (96" Radial Drill)

Csepel RFH 75-2000 (78"x3" Radial Drill)

1967 Elha RAD35 (Radial Drill)

1984 Foradia MX75-2500 (98" Radial Drill)

1992 H.Cegielski WRA-451 (49" Radial Drill)

1976 Summit 72 X 14.5 (72" Radial Drill)

2007 Vanguard Z3050X16 (63" Radial Drill)

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