List Of Shears


1992 Accurshear 862510 (Hyd Power Squaring, 10ft x 5/8 in)

1995 Accurshear 625010 (Hyd Power Squaring, 10ft x 1/4 in)


1979 Amada H-4013 (Hyd Power Squaring)


Atlantic HDS14X1/4 (14ft X 1/4" Hyd Power Squaring Shear)


2004 Beyeler C 3750 X 8 (12ft X 5/16" Hyd Power Squaring Shear)

----------CHICAGO DREIS & KRUMP----------

Chicago Dreis & Krump OHS 22500 (Hyd, 22 ft x 1/2 inch)


1968 Cincinnati 2510 (Mechanical, 10ft x 3/8 inch)

1972 Cincinnati 5FLS 20 (Hyd, 20ft x 3/4 inch)

1983 Cincinnati 4H12 (Hyd Power Squaring, 12ft x 1/2in)


Hammerle AS3050X4 (Hyd Power Squaring, 7G x 10ft)


1978 HTC 375-12A (Hyd Power Squaring, 3/8 x 12ft)


2005 Knuth KHT-3113 (Hyd Manual Shear)

----------LVD STRIPPIT----------

2000 LVD Strippit JS-25-10 (10ft x 1/4 Inch Power Squaring Shear)


2018 National NH4825 (4ft x 1/4" HYD Shear)


1946 Niagara 48 (8ft x 14G Power Squaring Shear)


1964 Pacific 375 HD10 (10 ft x 3/8" HYD Squaring Shear)

1972 Pacific 500 R 12 (12 ft x 1/2" HYD Squaring Shear)

----------PRESS & SHEAR----------

Press & Shear 1410 (10 ft x 14G Power Squaring Shear)


1980 Wysong 1252 (52" x 12G Power Squaring Shear)

1990 Wysong H-2510 (Hydraulic Power Squaring Shear)

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