Wire Type EDM List


2010 Accutex SP-9I (5 Axis)


1998 Agie AGIECUT CLASSIC 2 (5 Axis)

1999 Agie AGIECUT CLASSIC 2 (5 Axis)

2013 AgieCharmilles CUT 20 P (5 Axis)


Brother HS300 (2 Axis, 3 Available)


1989 Charmilles ROBOFIL 400

1995 Charmilles ROBOFIL 500

2000 Charmilles ROBOFIL 330F


1988 Fanuc TAPE CUT-W1 (CNC Wire Type)

1988 Fanuc TAPE CUT-W2 (CNC Wire Type)

1995 Fanuc ROBOCUT ALPHA-0B (CNC Wire Type)

1995 Fanuc ROBOCUT ALPHA-0B AWF(With Automatic Wire Feed)

1995 Fanuc ROBOCUT ALPHA-1B (CNC Wire Type)

1998 Fanuc ROBOCUT ALPHA-0C (CNC Wire Type)

1999 Fanuc ROBOCUT ALPHA-1IA (6 Axis Wire Type)

2003 Fanuc ROBOCUT ALPHA-0IB (5 Axis)



1989 Hitachi H-CUT203M (5 Axis)



1988 Sodick FS-250 (CNC Wire Type)

1994 Sodick A320D (5 Axis)

2001 Sodick AQ325L (5 Axis)

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