Manual Presses List


1998 Blow SC2-800-96-60 (800 Ton Press)


1994 Clearing S2-200-108-48 (200 Ton Press)

Clearing S4-300-108-60 (300 Ton Press)


Federal 110-OBI (110 Ton OBI Type Punch Press)


1989 Heim S2-200-78-42 (200 Ton Hyd Stamping Press)


1978 Komatsu OBS60A (60 Ton Hyd Stamping Press)

1997 Komatsu L2M300-3BM (300 Ton Straight Side Press)

----------L & J----------

1960 L & J 8B (100 Ton OBI Press)


1959 Minster NO 75 (75 Ton OBI Type Press)

1966 Minster B1-32 (32 Ton OBI Type Press)


Niagara S2G-200-60-30 (200 Ton SSDC Gap Frame Press)


1992 Schuler SET-630-2.80-250 (700 Ton Press)


2003 Sutherland SHF1000 (1000 Ton Hot Forging Press)


Verson S2-300-96-48 (300 Ton Press)

1952 Verson 7 1/2 O.B.I. (125 Ton OBI Press)

1968 Verson 150-B2-72 (150 Ton SSDC Press)

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